Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oil Me Up! The Latest in Beauty and Body Oils

It was March of last year when I wrote my last blog post. It doesn't feel like a year! The world of beauty boxes and make-up counters has certainly changed during my absence. How could that be? Well things move fast when it involves profit and make up. The demands of intelligent, savvy beauty queens has given the market a run for its money. We want organic, non GMO, exotic oils and the latest in environmentally friendly packaging. When one company comes out with a BB Cream, another pops up with a CC Cream, Even better! It's not good enough to use deep conditioners on your hair anymore, it's dry oil mists or anti-aging shampoo and conditioner! Did I just see a commercial for bb body cream? Yes, yes I did. 

Versatile beautifying treatment with Oléo-Complexe,
association of four precious oils: Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi.

Last March I was still using argan and coconut oils. My hair is dry and they do give some glorious shine. Now, the choice consists of karanja oil, soja, grapeseed, amla (gooseberry), camellia seed, moringa and ginger root oil. The "precious oils" in Kerastase include Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi. Pracaxi, otherwise known as Pentaclethra macroloba or Oil Tree is native to the wet tropical areas around the north eastern part of South America. I feel so exotic just talking about it! Will I feel like I am on the beach in Brazil if I use it?

You too can have soft and beautiful hair for $56 dollars (400 ml). I know that it seems like a lot of money but you really don't need to use very much and it lathers like nobody’s business. You don't use it every day either, it’s more for a deep cleansing once a week.

A big industry has emerged for oils. Shu Uemera and Kerastase have boomed. Where were they last year? Now I see the ads and e-mails all the time. My beloved beauty boxes have also offered many products from these companies. Who would have thought my favorite shampoo would be a cleansing oil shampoo from Shu Uemera? This paraben and silicone free shampoo from Japan gently cleanses all types of hair while respecting the balance of the ph. It's lightweight and considered a cleanser which does actually provide softness and radiance to my chemically treated and damaged hair. Don't get me started on the line of facial cleansing oils they have also. Actually, Shu Uemera is known more for its make-up and cleansers than hair products.

Maybe I did miss a lot in a year!  I wonder what new products and gimmicks will be out in 2015. I can only imagine.

What oils do you love? Do you have a must have? 

Have you tried cleansing oil shampoos? 

Check out Shu Uemera  and Kerastase