Monday, April 30, 2012

Glossy Box Review by GlamGal - April 2012

My April Glossy Box just arrived! I couldn't wait to show you all what was inside!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Spring Palettes from Pandora's Make Up Box

I was just perusing Pandora's Make Up Box website, planning on using the promo coupon that I received from my March Glossy Box, and I noticed that Pandora has created new beauty palettes for spring that are chosen specifically for blondes with blue eyes, brown hair with green get the idea!

Here are a few pics of the Spring Blonde with Blue Eyes Palette since I am just that! 

Although I wonder....if you are blonde with green eyes would this work for you!? Of course it would! Check out Pandora's Make Up Box, the site is as lovely as the products and packaging!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Loosebutton Luxebox Review - April 2012

I just received my Luxebox by Loose Button in the mail today and couldn't wait to open it! Here is the video review, it's been a long day but I was too excited to wait!


Here is the China Glaze polish in 'Prism"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

From One Hop to Another! Here We Go!

Well I have to say that I really enjoy these blog hops. It's so much fun to be a part of the social media world and visit so many well made and thoughtful blogs from all over the world. I am always so amazed when I see my audience stats and see people from Russia to Malta, from the Philippines to Italy viewing something I have posted! It's just plain awesome! What more can I say! With that being said, I am participating in yet another blog hop! This will be my third hop in less than a month! I would like to introduce Beauty Obsessed, the host of the hop. If interested check it out and join the fun! 
See u there!!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Glycolic Acid Is Your Bestfriend

Over the past few years I have become quite fond of face creams which include something called Glycolic Acid. I know it sounds a little whacko to put something with the word acid on your face, but here is why.
Glycolic acid is great for skin texture, cleaning pores, skin tone, helping in the production of collagen and elastin and for minimizing scarring. It's also a fabulous anti-oxidant for skin as it attaches to free radicals and makes them powerless before they can cause damage. In other words, the stuff is truly a girl's best friend. Have I convinced you yet? When I initially started using this wonderful substance, it was purely fate. It is the only good thing to come out of the relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend. He was working a show where the company Neostrata was doing a marketing seminar on new products for employees. One of the staff gave him a bag of product samples for his better half, which at the time was me. The products are not cheap, nor are they over the top in price either. It was the kind of thing I never would have tried or even looked at when I was looking for skin creams. I priced the cream I was using and it was $36 at the drug store. After a few days of using the Smoothing Cream - Level 2, I was hooked. My skin never looked so fresh, it was softer and more vibrant. Since that era in my life, I have tried other creams for my face with glycolic acid. For me personally, I prefer Neostrata. That doesn't mean that other products aren't just as good, maybe I just think Neostrata is the best because of the fond memories I have of that boyfriend! Who knows! They have the Smoothing Cream in three levels of acid concentration, level 1, 2 and 3. Neostrata claims you can see a real difference in your skin after 10 days. If you want to check out more on their products, visit their website at
Glycolic Acid actually is something called hydroxyacetic acid. This colorless, odorless solid is highly soluble in water. It is used in various skin-care products. glycolic acids work by stimulating new growth of skin and collagen by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface of skin. We all know collagen is what makes our faces look young and gives us that plumpness that as we age, slowly disappears. It allows dead cells to be removed gradually, leaving behind a layer of smoother and softer skin. Collagen starts to dissipate in our mid to late twenties. 
Due to its excellent capability to penetrate skin, glycolic acid finds applications in skin care products and chemical peels. Glycolic acid is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It can reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improve many other skin conditions. Once applied, glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together. This allows the dead skin cells to be exfoliated, exposing live skin cells. In skin creams, you can find glyolic acid in concentrations under 10%. 
I have no problem with the stuff, I use it everyday, my mother however finds it irritating and doesn't like it. She is an exception as she is extremely sensitive to many skin products.
So what are you waiting for! Give glycolic acid a try, you are never too young or too old for this incredible beauty product!


Let's Go to the Hop! - Brightside Beauty Blog Hop

Good Friday to everyone! I am happy to announce that I am co-hosting this weekend's Brightside Beauty Blog Hop and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Check out all the great blogs and connect! That's what it's all about.....Have Fun


Meet Me on the Brightside
     Happy Friday Bloggers!  The weekend is almost here! Come link up to my Brightside Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to gain new followers and find amazing new reads. Linky list will be open now until this Sunday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines , so read and follow them all and let the fun begin.  Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways :)  The blog this weekend with the most views will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chalking Hair - How To Guide

Hello Everyone!,
Here is another DIY for you fabulous woman out there. I just had to share this great trend that caught my eye recently. It's called Chalking, and it is so easy to do. It's not a new idea but I think it's a lot of fun for a night out on the town! You can check out the tutorial and blog from a wonderful site called The talented Kandee Johnson is a make up artist from L.A. 
here is the link; Hair Chalking Tutorial


Glymm Box Review - April 2012

Hello All! GlamGal here with a review of April's Glymm Box which I just received today. The theme of this box is spring and it is quite fitting as today was a beautiful spring day.

Glymm is a company from Quebec, Canada. They have been in business about a year and I have always been pleased and excited to get their box. Being a GlamGal, I have a subscription to many of these beauty boxes. Glymm ships mid month and the cost is $10 plus tax, free delivery. They also give Glymm Points which can be used to purchase product brands on their site which are featured in their boxes. When you provide feedback, you receive points. 100 points gives you $10 towards any purchase and each survey is equivelant to 50 points on average. Each box promises 4-5 products. 
This month there were 4 products and a substantial coupon offer......

Here are all the goodies inside!

Free Your Mane Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner - Sulphate Free 7.4ml each. Full Size 300ml sells for $16ea. Blend of Argan Oil from Morocco, Baobab Oil from Africa, Pomegranite Oil and Almond Oil. 

Atlelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine from a perfume house based in Paris, France/New York, USA. Full Size product of 30ml is $60.

 Mai Couture - Social Gloss 5ml. "French 125" Fills unwanted lines, plumps. Complex mix of plant extracts for enhancing lips, sheer and luminous. Full size product and the cost is $28.

Lucia Soap No. 1 Goatmilk and Linseed. 25g. Pure botanical extracts, 100% certified organic. Full size product (package of 8 soaps) sells for $17.50.

Coupon/Certificate for use on line only at NuMe. This company sells hair accessories such as extensions, hair dryers, flat irons and shampoo/styling products. This coupon is good for accessories and extensions only. The average cost of a dryer is $225 and a flat iron $150. Hair extensions range from $19.99 to $180.

GlamGal feels this month's box is more about quality rather than quantity. I am quite pleased with all the products and the Mai Couture lip gloss is a full size product. Thw cologne smells indentical to one of my fav's called Joe Malone - Orange Blossom which is also a very exclusive brand. It has a real rich and fresh smell and I will definely be purchasing this one! I can't wait to try the shampoo and conditioner as it has so many oils in it. I have color treated hair and I use a dryer and flat iron daily so my hair is dry and processed. The lip gloss has staying power, it hasn't budged in two hours. The Lucia  soap I have used before and I have also tried their candles which are full of scent. This is a quality product no question. The NuMe coupon, well, I have everything I need, maybe I will pick up some more extensions. (Last month's Glymm Box included NuMe hot pink leopard feather extensions) Perhaps I will get a few more in different colors, why not! It's free.

I give this box an 8 out of 10. 

Until Next Month

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Body Contouring Update #1 - Venus vs. I-Lipo

GlamGal here giving a quick update to my blog about the I-Lipo Body Contouring Segment that I am starting very soon.....

I decided to check out another laser spa/salon that offered the same thing, namely body contouring for losing inches off specific areas such as abdomen, arms, thighs or buttocks. I saw an ad and decided to call to get a free consultation. This particular company was marketing a different system called "Venus Freeze". 

This was a very expensive quote, the body contouring offer was for two separate areas, 8 sessions each with an additional 4 sessions for re-touches. The cost of this plan was $3,400.00. Yikes!! That was a lot of money, even for the vainest girl in existence (me). Although this quote included a discussion with a Nutritionist and overall support throughout the whole process, it seemed steep but on average this is the cost of these treatments. You have to figure that the machines themselves cost a fortune ($80,000 to $140,000) it is reasonable to assume the treatments need to cover expenses of the spa itself. 

The consultant introduced me to the laser tech and escorted me into the laser room where I was asked many questions about my health, any surgeries, medications and a general consent form was signed. I was then given a "test sample" treatment. I layed down on the table and the tech applied glycerine to my entire abdomen area. The machine called the Venus, I was told was new. It has only been on the market a few months. This was not the case as I checked the internet and found that the laser has been around a few years. Perhaps she meant that particular machine. In any event, a polar hand piece was then placed on the area and the technician proceeded to move it in a back and forth motion and circular motion all around the abdomen area. Normally the procedure is a twenty minute session, I got five minutes. It was quite warm, not super hot but close to uncomfortable. I think I would have been okay with twenty minutes but it was hot. The only real side effect was a little redness in the area being treated. That's no big deal at all. For a regular treatment, measurements are taken before and after.

My thoughts? Well the cost was quite high. As I had mentioned before, I paid under $400 for four treatments with the I-Lipo system. This was a promotional deal however. Normally you require 8 sessions to get the most out of it. Both systems require the same number of treatments for full effect.

The I-Lipo requires that you do some sort of cardio workout for 40 minutes after each session. The Venus does not. The Venus doesn't last as long, you would need to come back within 6 months to keep up the loss of inches. I-Lipo seems to last much longer as long as you don't change your eating habits or gain weight.

I am really glad that I took the time to check out another body contouring system. I am confident that not only did I get an awesome deal, but chose the right laser tteatment as I don't want to have to keep going back and paying money to keep those inches off my chubby belly!

I will be booking my first I-Lipo appointment next week! I am really excited about it. You can actually see a difference after just one treatment!!

Stay tuned!!!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Organic Make Up - Industry Update

The beauty industry has become quite the environmentalist recently. If Beauties like us are eating organic fruit and veg, feeding our pets certified organic food, of course we are trending towards organic make up to go with our organic soap and t-shirts. Just a few years ago the term organic cotton didn't exist. In 2012 it is quite possible to wear blush, lipstick, eye liner and face creams that are environmental. Is it possible to be a manic organic? If the ingredients lists anything that ends in 'oxin' or 'ide' one would think not. The  trend is more towards advertising 'formaldehyde free' or 'all natural'.
The future of cosmetics is definitely leaning towards 100% organic products. The major issue is finding all the ingredients and ensuring that they come from a true certified organic source. I can't go anywhere now without finding an organic product, this is a wonderful start. There are more and more true organic cosmetic companies sprouting up all over North America and Europe.
I didn't realize until today that that my face cream is certified organic. I bought it because the main ingredient was pure argan oil from Italy, I hear argan oil is extraordinary for the face.  I guess it being organic was just a bonus for me.
Is it imperative for us gorgeous babes to wear organic make up? I mean it does make perfect sense. If we don't want to eat toxic foods and we indulge in antioxidants like grapefruit, apples and pH-balanced water (enhanced water), it would make a lot of sense to be putting healthy, clean, toxin free products on our face and hair. In the same breath I must also say that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The human race has survived on processed foods and chemicals. I have to say that the fact a Twinkie can be edible 10 to 15 years after being made scares the begeebies out of me. Well, maybe a few chemicals is ok? Everything in moderation right? Heck, the air we breathe is pretty nasty and as population stats claim, we are living longer and longer with each generation. Survival of the fittest at it's finest.
I think eventually everything will become more and more 'hippiesque' and we will go back to a time where less is more. This will without a doubt be reflected in our cosmetics. Soon the cosmetic industry will lower the retail price just like the cost of produce. Remember when organic apples were $3 bucks a pound? 
I still have to say that whether make up is organic or not, the main reason for my purchase is still the colour and its lasting ability, then i look at the rest. I also prioritize the 'not tested on animals' rule. Haven't we tested EVERYTHING already?

Here are my personal environmentally friendly/organic favorites.....  

Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments & vitamins. Nourishes with Vapour’s face specific infusion of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, antioxidant Tulsi and moisturizing & calming Lotus Flowers.

Josie Moran Cosmetics. This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Plus it is 100% organic! Housed in a recyclable glass bottle

Ilia,part of the all-organic lipstick line, it’s full of botanicals that soften and nourish your pout. (Extra points for the luxurious case, made from recycled aluminum.)

Ecco Bella, cruelty free and organic! Eye liners, gently draws a smooth line to define your beautiful eyes, softly, without pulling or tugging. Made from vegetable waxes, no synthetic petroleum oils. Gluten-free. Preservative-free. Vegan.

Afterglow Cosmetics, 100% Organic Infused Eyeshadow with soothing organic botanicals
Until Next Time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feeling Pretty - GlamGal Gets Personal

I have to say that I am so thrilled to have started my journey through the land of beauty with you. I haven't really spoken much of myself and who I am! Well, I am a seasoned beauty guru, shall we say I have been around the block a few times....I am thrilled at the opportunity to share my insights, knowledge and experiences with you all.
BeautyBoxBlog is really all about defining beauty through the eyes of all women. I want to create a culture that makes us all feel gorgeous and satisfied with the concept that happiness creates beauty. Beauty is something that comes from the inside out but that doesn't mean it can't work the other way around. If you feel  great in that new black t-shirt, it will make you feel good on the inside which in turn works to create that feeling I am talking about. A psychological image...if you feel sexy, you are sexy. If you feel pretty, heck, you are! By following a culture of all that is beauty, you can't help but feel the warmth! So get ready to be blasted with it! I have to admit though, 
If I am having a bad day, it seems that a bubble bath of Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Wash, my Rockstar vanilla soap from Lush and 3 scented candles lit on my dresser seems to help. I can't wear that old, haggard boyfriend t-shirt from 8 years ago to bed. Uh has to be the adorable pink one with sparkles and my hot pink leggings. Of course I must be fashion forward and coordinated to go to sleep. What if there is a fire and I need to escape? Those undies better be white or pink (same shade as my t-shirt) or else my whole system is shot! I also spray on perfume before bed. I don't wear perfume for anybody but myself. I go through an awful lot, but that's ok. Eau de toilette does have an expiration date ya know! I love many but my all time must have is 'Angel' by Thierry Mugler. I mix it up though as I want to smell myself and if I use the same scent day in and day out, I don't smell it anymore. What is the point of wearing the stuff if you don't get to smell it? So last night it was 'Gucci by Gucci', the night before I was feeling a little pick me up was in order and went for 'Happy' by Clinique. To be honest, I don't need a bad day in order to use this beauty ritual. This seems to be the norm for me every night!
I am a hair straightener too. I am not impressed with my curly tresses. The whole beauty idea to me means that if that bubble bath has curled my hair or made a little frizz of my fringe, I need to give it a quick straighten before bed too. Now I have had a few boyfriends call me crazy. "you are JUST going to bed, what is wrong with you? " has been stated a few times....well maybe I am a little nuts, but I am being totally honest, I feel sexy and pretty and cute when I lay my head down. If all it takes is 3 minutes with my handy straightening iron, well it's totally worth it!
If a few simple tricks like mine above make the difference in how you feel, what harm is there in indulging your soul with a little beauty? I actually look forward to this ritual each night and it has become a way to wind down. Some nights, it's all I can do to find the strength to remove my make up and brush my teeth! On the most part, this routine is a regular occurrence.
I will end with this, I do hope that you take my advice and create a beauty ritual of your own to end the day. Be a little selfish and indulge your mind and body with "pretty". It really does make you feel sexy and confident.

Have a wonderful day and night!  Can't wait to share with again!

Until next time,


Monday, April 9, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well I must say that I am very honoured to have received a Versatile Blogger Award from '
my mini bag '. I was so excited! It is so nice to be recognized by your peers in a world that is so endless and full of great content! My most enjoyable time on line so far has been participating in the creative blog hops that take place. There is such a brilliant and fun community here in Blogland. So thank you again for the award! 

Please take a moment and check out my lovely nominator....if you like a great deal and want to know where to get the scoop, check out My Mini Bag at

Let's go forward with the rules:

  1.  Nominate 10 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging. 
  2.  Let them know that you have nominated them. 
  3.  Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
  4.  Thank the bloggers that have nominated you. 
  5.  Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post. 

Facts About GlamGal (that's me!)
  1. I am afraid of heights
  2. I paint my fingernails EVERY NIGHT
  3. I love cats and have two, one I cared for since he was 1 day old (I am his mum)
  4. I am a Twitter moron
  5. I was a vegetarian for 16 years
  6. I find twirling my hair very comforting
  7. I have too many beauty box memberships
I hereby nominate 7 blogs. I could certainly nominate more but to me, these are most deserving! 

Have a great day! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How To Make Your Very Own Nail Polish

I was browsing the internet today and I came across this amazing site. It's called "The Chick Adviser". What I found most appealing was the DIY section and this post  "Create Your Own Nail Polish". Needless to say, I am going to try this right away! I have made my own polish before, basically mixing colours together or adding a dark colour to enhance a light one, but I didn't realize you could actually add pigment like a glitter eye shadow to create a one of a kind polish. You could match that new t-shirt, dress or shoes! 

Check this out! Enjoy Beauties......

Friday, April 6, 2012

Body Contouring "I-Lipo, U-Lipo - We All Lipo!"

Over the next few weeks GlamGal will be starting a segment on the new Body Contouring System that uses laser therapy to eradicate inches of fat from a particular area of your body. This new system that comes from the U.K. is called I-Lipo.

GlamGal has signed up for 4 sessions to get her belly fat to dissappear before beach season. Gotta wear the adorable bikini's she bought in January!!!!!!! Each session ranges in price anywhere from $100 to $300. GlamGal purchased a package deal as an introductory offer from a local laser clinic.

This  is how it works:

I-lipo works its magic by emitting low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells that are being targeted, the fat cells then release their contents that is mainly fat which the body absorbs and is then burned off during exercise, creating a fat free, shapely new you.

The results can be seen immediately with a 30% reduction in fat layer and 2-4 inches in abdominal circumference after just one treatment and the more treatments you have the better the results look, you can have as many treatments as you like, you're the customer, and most body parts and skin types can be treated, wherever there is stubborn fat that can't be budged through diet and exercise alone including, arms, legs, bottoms, thighs, tummy, hips, double chin (s), waist, male breasts but not female.

The standard treatment protocol is one 20 minute treatment 2 times a week for a month resulting in a total of 8 treatments, but you can have more if you want to. You can also have a maintenance treatment later on (if you've let things go a bit).

GlamGal is a bit shy, but she is willing to show some pictures of her chubba wubba belly and before and after shots after each session. Let's see how this system works and how much bang you can get for your buck.

Follow this blog to keep up with GlamGal on her journey towards a flat, sexy belly!

Stay tuned!!!!!

GlamGal - Canadian Ambassador for GLOSSYBOX

A congratulatory round of applause goes out to GlamGal for being selected as a GLOSSYBOX Ambassador for Canada!

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected  an Ambassador for GlossyBox Canada.

I am excited about this opportunity and can't wait to share the advanatges that come with this appointment!

The first great offer I have is a 10% discount off your first GlossyBox when you join. All you have to do is use Promo code "Glossy14" at checkout.

If you checked out my blog review of the March GlossyBox, you will have to agree that it's a great deal. $15 a month for the subscription. The March Box contents was well over $75 worth of products.

Check out GLOSSYBOX and you will see why they are all over the world!



Thanks are awesome :)

This is the contents of the March 2012 GlossyBox
$15/monthly membership - free delivery

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Caviar Manicure - Hot New Trend

I just adore this look!! I couldn't resist just posting this picture. I found this on Check out more pics.

If you notice my Profile pic has the same trend! I am so stylin'!!! :)

Glam Gal

I Got the Blues...Eye Shadow That Is...

O.K. I guess I should have stopped after the first palette of blue eye shadow...but then the very next day I saw this gorgeous powder blue one and it was sooo pretty...then on my lunch hour a couple of days ago, I happened upon the spring display of Pupa Milano, my all time favourite brand and even though it's pretty close in shade to the powder blue one, it's Pupa from Milan! I had no choice. That is more I said to myself, but alas, today I could not resist the Cargo Smokey Eye palette I found. It was an impulse buy. I think I have a problem! The palette has four colours, only two are blue. That was my justification.GlamGal is truly tormented by this affliction.- make up madness! So I sit here looking at all the eye shadows wondering what the heck I am going to do with them all? I will keep you posted, or should I say blogged!How and with what would you wear blue eye shadow with? 
The Cargo palette comes with this instruction sheet inside the case!

I feel the urge to match my eyes with my nails....What do you think? Comments? Advice? Help!!!!!


What's in your Makeup Bag? - Hop Event

Check out all the posts on BlogLoveTherapy

This is a great event happening this week only......

Here is my make up Bag Contents:

  • Bath and Body Works (Shimmer Eclat in Charmed Life)
  • NYX lipstick (on sale, cheap)
  • Cargo dual eyeshadow (just got from my LuxeBox pale pink and brown)
  • Bourjois lipstick (neutral pink)
  • Bourjois lip gloss (super shiny)
  • Benefit lipstick (pinkadoodle)
  • tweezers (for the drive to work, best light for plucking at red lights)
  • diamond studded barrette (spice up a boring outfit)
  • Vasanti lipstick (hot pink)
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter (adds a little coverage and reflection)
  • Marcelle lipliner (really old, rarely use for some reason)
  • Pupa lip shine (luv it)
  • Joe Malone eau de toilette in Grapefruit (available only at Holt Renfrew - la dee da)
  • Fekkai hair spray (thee best I have, need so little and it really holds, a bit pricey though)

Have a great day Beauties and shimmer pink eye shadow makes a great highlighter for your cheekbones!