Saturday, April 14, 2012

Body Contouring Update #1 - Venus vs. I-Lipo

GlamGal here giving a quick update to my blog about the I-Lipo Body Contouring Segment that I am starting very soon.....

I decided to check out another laser spa/salon that offered the same thing, namely body contouring for losing inches off specific areas such as abdomen, arms, thighs or buttocks. I saw an ad and decided to call to get a free consultation. This particular company was marketing a different system called "Venus Freeze". 

This was a very expensive quote, the body contouring offer was for two separate areas, 8 sessions each with an additional 4 sessions for re-touches. The cost of this plan was $3,400.00. Yikes!! That was a lot of money, even for the vainest girl in existence (me). Although this quote included a discussion with a Nutritionist and overall support throughout the whole process, it seemed steep but on average this is the cost of these treatments. You have to figure that the machines themselves cost a fortune ($80,000 to $140,000) it is reasonable to assume the treatments need to cover expenses of the spa itself. 

The consultant introduced me to the laser tech and escorted me into the laser room where I was asked many questions about my health, any surgeries, medications and a general consent form was signed. I was then given a "test sample" treatment. I layed down on the table and the tech applied glycerine to my entire abdomen area. The machine called the Venus, I was told was new. It has only been on the market a few months. This was not the case as I checked the internet and found that the laser has been around a few years. Perhaps she meant that particular machine. In any event, a polar hand piece was then placed on the area and the technician proceeded to move it in a back and forth motion and circular motion all around the abdomen area. Normally the procedure is a twenty minute session, I got five minutes. It was quite warm, not super hot but close to uncomfortable. I think I would have been okay with twenty minutes but it was hot. The only real side effect was a little redness in the area being treated. That's no big deal at all. For a regular treatment, measurements are taken before and after.

My thoughts? Well the cost was quite high. As I had mentioned before, I paid under $400 for four treatments with the I-Lipo system. This was a promotional deal however. Normally you require 8 sessions to get the most out of it. Both systems require the same number of treatments for full effect.

The I-Lipo requires that you do some sort of cardio workout for 40 minutes after each session. The Venus does not. The Venus doesn't last as long, you would need to come back within 6 months to keep up the loss of inches. I-Lipo seems to last much longer as long as you don't change your eating habits or gain weight.

I am really glad that I took the time to check out another body contouring system. I am confident that not only did I get an awesome deal, but chose the right laser tteatment as I don't want to have to keep going back and paying money to keep those inches off my chubby belly!

I will be booking my first I-Lipo appointment next week! I am really excited about it. You can actually see a difference after just one treatment!!

Stay tuned!!!!!


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