Monday, April 16, 2012

Glymm Box Review - April 2012

Hello All! GlamGal here with a review of April's Glymm Box which I just received today. The theme of this box is spring and it is quite fitting as today was a beautiful spring day.

Glymm is a company from Quebec, Canada. They have been in business about a year and I have always been pleased and excited to get their box. Being a GlamGal, I have a subscription to many of these beauty boxes. Glymm ships mid month and the cost is $10 plus tax, free delivery. They also give Glymm Points which can be used to purchase product brands on their site which are featured in their boxes. When you provide feedback, you receive points. 100 points gives you $10 towards any purchase and each survey is equivelant to 50 points on average. Each box promises 4-5 products. 
This month there were 4 products and a substantial coupon offer......

Here are all the goodies inside!

Free Your Mane Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner - Sulphate Free 7.4ml each. Full Size 300ml sells for $16ea. Blend of Argan Oil from Morocco, Baobab Oil from Africa, Pomegranite Oil and Almond Oil. 

Atlelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine from a perfume house based in Paris, France/New York, USA. Full Size product of 30ml is $60.

 Mai Couture - Social Gloss 5ml. "French 125" Fills unwanted lines, plumps. Complex mix of plant extracts for enhancing lips, sheer and luminous. Full size product and the cost is $28.

Lucia Soap No. 1 Goatmilk and Linseed. 25g. Pure botanical extracts, 100% certified organic. Full size product (package of 8 soaps) sells for $17.50.

Coupon/Certificate for use on line only at NuMe. This company sells hair accessories such as extensions, hair dryers, flat irons and shampoo/styling products. This coupon is good for accessories and extensions only. The average cost of a dryer is $225 and a flat iron $150. Hair extensions range from $19.99 to $180.

GlamGal feels this month's box is more about quality rather than quantity. I am quite pleased with all the products and the Mai Couture lip gloss is a full size product. Thw cologne smells indentical to one of my fav's called Joe Malone - Orange Blossom which is also a very exclusive brand. It has a real rich and fresh smell and I will definely be purchasing this one! I can't wait to try the shampoo and conditioner as it has so many oils in it. I have color treated hair and I use a dryer and flat iron daily so my hair is dry and processed. The lip gloss has staying power, it hasn't budged in two hours. The Lucia  soap I have used before and I have also tried their candles which are full of scent. This is a quality product no question. The NuMe coupon, well, I have everything I need, maybe I will pick up some more extensions. (Last month's Glymm Box included NuMe hot pink leopard feather extensions) Perhaps I will get a few more in different colors, why not! It's free.

I give this box an 8 out of 10. 

Until Next Month


  1. I will follow your blog...


  2. Unfortunately, the NUME coupon does not work for the feather extensions :( It only seems to work on items that are over $100.

    1. Figures! I should have known better! Thanks for clearing that up. I guess the idea is to make a profit and not ship out thousands of free products. Too bad the coupon products are so pricey. I can buy a really good flat iron for $40.00. I just can't justify paying $150 on a hair dryer, ionic or not!!


  3. I'm really hoping the Glymm Box comes to the U.S. soon, I've really been liking the boxes I've seen from them!

    Following because I'm really enjoying your blog and I'm a beauty box junkie haha XD

    <3 Amanda,

    1. Hey Amanda, Do you think you are geeky? :)!!! You guys have many great beauty boxes, I wish I could get a few. How about we trade, you send me a Birchbox and I send you Glymm! I should be getting my luxebox from Loosebutton any day now so look for that review soon!

      XO XO