Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Got the Blues...Eye Shadow That Is...

O.K. I guess I should have stopped after the first palette of blue eye shadow...but then the very next day I saw this gorgeous powder blue one and it was sooo pretty...then on my lunch hour a couple of days ago, I happened upon the spring display of Pupa Milano, my all time favourite brand and even though it's pretty close in shade to the powder blue one, it's Pupa from Milan! I had no choice. That is more I said to myself, but alas, today I could not resist the Cargo Smokey Eye palette I found. It was an impulse buy. I think I have a problem! The palette has four colours, only two are blue. That was my justification.GlamGal is truly tormented by this affliction.- make up madness! So I sit here looking at all the eye shadows wondering what the heck I am going to do with them all? I will keep you posted, or should I say blogged!How and with what would you wear blue eye shadow with? 
The Cargo palette comes with this instruction sheet inside the case!

I feel the urge to match my eyes with my nails....What do you think? Comments? Advice? Help!!!!!


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