Thursday, April 12, 2012

Organic Make Up - Industry Update

The beauty industry has become quite the environmentalist recently. If Beauties like us are eating organic fruit and veg, feeding our pets certified organic food, of course we are trending towards organic make up to go with our organic soap and t-shirts. Just a few years ago the term organic cotton didn't exist. In 2012 it is quite possible to wear blush, lipstick, eye liner and face creams that are environmental. Is it possible to be a manic organic? If the ingredients lists anything that ends in 'oxin' or 'ide' one would think not. The  trend is more towards advertising 'formaldehyde free' or 'all natural'.
The future of cosmetics is definitely leaning towards 100% organic products. The major issue is finding all the ingredients and ensuring that they come from a true certified organic source. I can't go anywhere now without finding an organic product, this is a wonderful start. There are more and more true organic cosmetic companies sprouting up all over North America and Europe.
I didn't realize until today that that my face cream is certified organic. I bought it because the main ingredient was pure argan oil from Italy, I hear argan oil is extraordinary for the face.  I guess it being organic was just a bonus for me.
Is it imperative for us gorgeous babes to wear organic make up? I mean it does make perfect sense. If we don't want to eat toxic foods and we indulge in antioxidants like grapefruit, apples and pH-balanced water (enhanced water), it would make a lot of sense to be putting healthy, clean, toxin free products on our face and hair. In the same breath I must also say that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The human race has survived on processed foods and chemicals. I have to say that the fact a Twinkie can be edible 10 to 15 years after being made scares the begeebies out of me. Well, maybe a few chemicals is ok? Everything in moderation right? Heck, the air we breathe is pretty nasty and as population stats claim, we are living longer and longer with each generation. Survival of the fittest at it's finest.
I think eventually everything will become more and more 'hippiesque' and we will go back to a time where less is more. This will without a doubt be reflected in our cosmetics. Soon the cosmetic industry will lower the retail price just like the cost of produce. Remember when organic apples were $3 bucks a pound? 
I still have to say that whether make up is organic or not, the main reason for my purchase is still the colour and its lasting ability, then i look at the rest. I also prioritize the 'not tested on animals' rule. Haven't we tested EVERYTHING already?

Here are my personal environmentally friendly/organic favorites.....  

Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments & vitamins. Nourishes with Vapour’s face specific infusion of anti-inflammatory Frankincense, antioxidant Tulsi and moisturizing & calming Lotus Flowers.

Josie Moran Cosmetics. This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Plus it is 100% organic! Housed in a recyclable glass bottle

Ilia,part of the all-organic lipstick line, it’s full of botanicals that soften and nourish your pout. (Extra points for the luxurious case, made from recycled aluminum.)

Ecco Bella, cruelty free and organic! Eye liners, gently draws a smooth line to define your beautiful eyes, softly, without pulling or tugging. Made from vegetable waxes, no synthetic petroleum oils. Gluten-free. Preservative-free. Vegan.

Afterglow Cosmetics, 100% Organic Infused Eyeshadow with soothing organic botanicals
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    1. What we put inside our bodies is reflected in our skin and hair, organic products all round would be ideal! If ever in Cincinnati i will sure pop by for a style!