Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Brown's Have It & All That Glitters

Muted purple, taupe's and bland peach and pink.....I call them sad polishes like clouds of colour on rainy days. This last year has been quite a time for nail polish! I remember when hot pink and deep reds were in, now it seems the more dull, the better! Then all of the sudden, sparkle makes a come back to share a bright and flashy change....hey! why not wear a boring shade of pink but add a top coat of glitter! Even better, add the glitter to the polish! To think that was the end of that would be ludicrous! Heck, now I see blues and pinks and purples with glitter of every colour. Sparkles that reflect in silver, gold, red and blue. I just adore them. They really add a pick me up to anything. I just detest trying to take it off with polish remover....pick up the pace and create a remover that will  actually work on glitter polish. OPI should be working on that as we speak, (hurry up!!!). How else will we still desire to buy all the glitter and sparkles that has come to be the norm in nail trends this spring?

But now I am seeing a new trend and I quite like it too. It is brown...dark brown, puky brown, mud brown, caramel, clay....all nice and thankfully this shade goes with every piece of clothing I own. No worries about wearing a red dress with blue polish (yuck).

But let's go one better, let's do the ombre nail craze. Not the one where you do a gradual change on each nail from light to dark, but let's do each nail itself in a shade of brown and work your way to the pinky in five different shades. This is no problem for me, I have at least 12 shades of brown, pink, blue, purple for that matter! I love this fad. It was brought to my attention at the Summer Trends 2012 hosted by Loose Button last week. Chantal Guertin showed a pic in her fun discussion with us on Beauty Trends. So off to my favorite lunch time store, Winners. There I found two really nice shades of brown from ELF and Color Club. I have never tried an ELF polish before...I know crazy right!!  This fun style would go really well with the Hoola Lip Gloss that I also received at the event. The colour is a neutral brown and would work so well together. That is what encouraged me to try this. Tonight however I am just too lazy and tired to search out the right browns and go ombre. Instead I am going for the brown look with my all time favorite top coat, my Essie Luxeffects in 'Pure Perfection" although the gold polish called 'As Gold As It Gets' would probably work even better....But now, just looking for the silver, I came across my new sparkle pink from Christian Dior and I am very tempted to start all over and go for the pink, my usual. Pink has always been my go to colour. Decisions  decisions .... 

Here are some great shots of ombre nails and some sparkles....

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