Friday, May 4, 2012

Hauling Cargo - and Lots of It! Review of Cargo Cosmetics

Usually I mix it up when it comes to my cosmetics, I will wear Smashbox eye shadow, Pupa blush and Bourjois lip gloss: you get he idea! However, recently I have been able to purchase a heck of alot of Cargo products at a relatively good price and I am using it everyday. It all started when I got a an eye shadow duo from Loose Button, Luxebox. Funny, how I wasn't terribly impressed with that shadow, it didn't have much staying power and faded rather quickly but I couldn't resist the deal I got on a bunch of eye shadows at 'Winners". If you are Canadian you know what store I am talking about and to all my peeps in the U.S., it is comparable to Marshall's.
My final purchase a few days ago was a powder blush, it's a hot pink and the first thing I thought was how nice it would look as a sun kissed look with a pale lipgloss and barely there eyeshadow. I plan on making a nail polish to match it. There is a substantial amount of the blush so I won't mind scraping off a little for that purpose. Check out my post on DIY nail polish.

Here is the first eyeshadow I received. The colours are nice but I found this doesn't have the staying power for me!

Here is the smoky eye palette. This goes on well and is full of pigment. I like how it tells you which area each colour is for! It also comes with a picture showing where to put each colour.

This is my favourite eye palette from Cargo, I use this one everyday. It is moist enough to go on easily with a brush. The colours would suit anyone.
These blues are so pretty with anything! I love to wear black eye liner and baby blue nails with this, I add the shimmer eye shadow for the evening. The shimmer is very subtle, the blue palette is rich and a little goes a long way.

This is he hot pink I just picked up.....gorgeous isn't it! It makes me feel like summer!
I also just purchased Cargo mascara and I have a black eye liner pencil as well. Overall I am happy with Cargo and their products. The price is reasonable and I was able to get a lot for my money. I spent just a little over $50.00 on this haul! 


  1. I got the first shadow in my Luxe Box it's a really pretty duo but it doesn't stay on that long for me either!

    1. Ya! What is up with that??? I have a blush from the same line and it's quite good. Maybe the shadows are just too dry.