Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Mr. Postman! Did My Panties Come Yet?

There's a new kid in town and looking for your business, and it comes in bikini, thong or boyfriend! I am talking about the company Panty by Post.
Recently Loose Button, the beauty box company offered a sample pair of panties to it's customers via the First In Line Program which gives client's multiple choices of products to select one for your Luxebox beauty box. The Panties by Post went like hot cakes or "panties", I should say! I even tried to get my hands on a pair but just wasn't fast enough logging in and it was sold out. 
My sister was lucky enough to select this option and received her pair of undies today. My Mom also lucked out in choosing the panties. The panties came by separate post and was not included in the Luxebox itself. So I am sure there are a few ladies out there wondering where their panties were when they received their Luxebox! I am sure Loosebutton is being inundated with customer service complaints as we speak!

 Here is what my sister received.
Thanks Carlene! Now we all know what undies you will be wearing this week!! XOXO
I was curious and had to check out the site, my mind then wandered to what style my mother had selected, hmm...I really hope the thong style wasn't an option for her! Anyway, I digress, the cheapest pair to order is $18.00 for one pair. You can get the two pack for $50.00 and even a men's line and gift cards of course. The one cute gimmick I like is the Bridal Hanky Panky Line for a clever bridal party gift idea. Panties by Post delivers worldwide and you can purchase a yearly subscription, there is a shipping fee but they say if you order a years worth of panties, the rate is much cheaper. On average $5 to $8 shipping internationally. 
This service is not for the budget concious, certainly a great gimmick. A 3 month gift from your hubbie or favorite boy toy who did you wrong may need something a little more creative than a dozen roses these days! Florists beware! Panties are the next best thing! 

So Ladies, how about adding this link to your 'Favorites', maybe HE will get the hint!


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