Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My First Facial

I know, I know GlamGal, the self proclaimed beauty guru, lover of all things beautiful..... goddess of cosmetics has NEVER had a facial. Well up until today that is! I have to say that I was such a fool, getting a facial was one of the best things I could have done for my skin and this is definietely not the last. I guess I always thought that a facial was basically just having someone put a mask on my face and then rinse it off, maybe a little exfoliation too, big whoopie I thought. Boy was I wrong. Welcome to the millenium GlamGal! This was an 'experience' not just a facial and this is what a standard facial is:
I was not really thinking that my decolletes was included in a facial but it is. Amy, the lovely and friendly Spa Technician asked me all about my skin to decide on which product line of Dermalogica to use. We decided on the regular line of products except for the exfoliate which was a little stronger and included hydroxy acid.
Amy proceeded to remove all my make up, why did I even bother to go all out this morning? I suppose because I enjoy putting my make up on. It's always fun deciding which eye shadow colours to wear! Amy cleansed my face using a gentle brush. A spray of toner was then applied. Then the fun stuff, exfoliation! the product itself did all the work, there was no rubbing or scrubbing. Did you know that enzymes in the product are activated by water in the exfollient? The exfolient stayed on for a good ten minutes while Amy used a steamer machine which she placed perfectly so the hot steam was hitting my face. The steam was penetrating the skin and propelling the exfolient to do its job. Once that was done, Amy cleaned my face and decolletes using a warm towel. She then used a magnify lamp and took another good look at my skin. She found three little white heads and she removed them. She advised me that I had a few broken capillaries around my nose and eyebrow. I have small pores apparently! Now it gets even better, Amy then started a facial massage. She used firm movements and then gentle thumping with her fingers. It is important to stimulate the muscles in your face and get the blood flowing as well. It helps bring oxygen to the face and that wonderful glow we are all looking for. So just over ten minutes of this using various techniques was fabulous. She even worked around my neck to my shoulders. I almost fell asleep! Then a refreshing spritz of toner again which felt cool. We weren't done yet! Now it was time for the mask. Again it was applied with a soft brush and left on for ten minutes as well. Another clean with a hot towel and Amy then applied a moisturizing serum and sunscreen. One for my eyes and another for my face and decolletes. She also applied it to my lips.

The whole process was just under an hour. It was exuberating and refreshing. My skin felt so pampered and alive. Amy had mentioned another type of facial that was available, it is called the Oxygen Facial using the OxyJet machine. It injects oxygen and different types of serums under the skin rather than just on the surface. Sounds good! Maybe next time! Now I am hooked! I tipped Amy and made an appointment for next month!

If you have never spoilt yourself with a facial, now is the time. With spring in the air, I feel so refreshed as I walk to my car. What a nice treat. My skin will thank me and I feel confident in my stride, who needs foundation today? Not me! The cost for this luxury was a modest $40.00. Well worth the cost! 
Two thumbs up from GlamGal. XOXO

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  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2012

    Sounds like it was about time you got a facial and that it was a great experience! Seems like you had a great technician working on your face. Thanks for sharing your experience. Like you were, I'm also a "facial virgin" and plan to soon "take the plunge."