Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Way to Go Loose Button - Do or Die

Well to my surprise, Loose Button has drastically changed their concept. No more monthly beauty box, no more First In Line....done, caput! I am not really clear on how much humming and hahing was done before the initiation of the new "seasons" beauty box, but rest assured the members are not impressed. The majority that is. My last e-mail about it went like this, "What's up with Loose Button? I just ordered the June box and cancelled my membership." This seems to be the reaction.

I think that for me personally, I love the excitement each month of getting a beauty box addressed to me. I get to unwrap it, read the card, you know the drill, wait for Canada post with anticipation. Check the status on my e-mail. The whole experience keeps me going until the next month. What will I do when I have to wait 3 months to get a box? I can't bare to think how I will spend my time! Thank goodness for Glymm and Glossy Box!

In case you are not up to speed, out of nowhere Loose Button clients received an e-mail outlining that the company was changing. We had a teeny weeny warning a week before via a Facebook picture. They call it a better experience, a box every three months with 7-8 items inside geared to the season. The first box will be in August and it will be for Autumn. I hate that! August I am still relishing in summer, using sun products, lounging by the pool. Doing summer things. I don't want to receive a box of Fall beauty items!!! Fall creeps up on us too fast as it is! The cost will now be $26 per box and if you were a  member and signed up for the new box, you wouldn't receive a June monthly box but your first seasonal box would be free. Thanks...great for telling me in June. I would have suggested to keep the June Box for all customers. You can't just announce the demise of the monthly box and do away with it in the same month! Now if you chose to not receive the seasonal box, you would receive a June box and your membership would then be terminated. From what I gather many people did just that. Well, anybody on the waiting list to get in? You will have that opportunity now if you still want to!

I will give this new Loose Button a chance, I would rather get a box every 3 months then no box at all. I also would have preferred to still get a June box also, but beggars can't be choosers.

Well Loose Button, only time will tell how successful the new endeavor is for you. I certainly wish you all the best!  I am not happy about this but you were my very first beauty box! It is technically all your fault that I have become a beauty box junkie.



  1. Your lucky that you have other sample boxes! Like you I get so excited for a monthly box but seeing as Luxe is my only box subscription I will have to wait 3 months and that makes me so sad:(I'm hoping it turns out for the best..hoping better samples :)

    1. I hope the samples are at least high end! Why don't you subscribe to another beauty box? (I am a very bad influence) You could get on the wait list for Top Box, they are $10 a month and Glymm is $12. Glossy $15. Glymm is accepting new clients and so is Glossy. Only time will tell with Loose Button huh!!