Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glossy Box Review - June 2012

It is that time again, my Glossy Box arrived safe and sound this month. Another heavy package filled with goodies! I would have done this sooner but I didn't have a moment to myself! It has been a whirlwind few weeks and as much fun as it was, I miss the connection of my blogger buddies!! The good thing is that I have been able to use the products from the Glossy Box this month as I usually do the unboxing the day I receive the beauty box. This month I didn't get my Luxe Box from Loose Button as they changed up the format. I felt denied!! So I was extra thrilled when my Glossy Box arrived.

Here it is!!!  The classic pink box with logo. These boxes are so sturdy, I haven't decided what to do with all the boxes I have yet. I use two of them to store all the goodies I haven't used  and keep them on my dresser. I will go through them every week and see what I want to take out and use. I can't believe how much fun I find that! Crazy I know, I am just a sucker for beauty in general. I blame my Mom, she doesn't have half the stuff I do but she always had really nice make up and skin care products that I would play with as a young child.

Here is the full box of products. Three full size items adorn the box, Wella Ocean Spritz, Biore facial cleanser and of course the Venus razor.

Here is the Biore Skin Balancing Cleanser for combination skin, a full 200 ml. It retails for $9.99 This is a new product and I always like to try these things before the whole world! The Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips really works. You can feel the strip working it's way in to your pores and pulling out all the impurities. I wish there was two like on the package, but I liked it. This sells for $9.99 as well and you get 8 in a package. The cleanser is refreshing, when applying I feel like I am really cleaning my face. It doesn't strip my face of moisture. It doesn't feel all tight afterwards but my skin does feel clean. I like this product. I will have enough to last a long time, I like getting a full size product like this, I can really tell how effective it is for me and having enough of it to get an indication of it's benefits. 

The one item I can't wait to really try is the Wella Ocean Spritz. The idea here is to dampen your hair with the product and then twist your hair up in a bun. Dry it with a diffuser and then let it out. Using your fingers, you create a textured, chunky look and your hair becomes matte. You are supposed to look like you were at the beach. What do you do if you don't have enough hair to wrap and twist? I don't have long enough hair to even put in an elastic at the moment. (I am not impressed with my latest haircut and that is why I have decided not to do my usual video review) Vein, I know....I did try this product, I actually really like it. I have curly hair and I straighten it, I was concerned that this spritz would wet my hair too much and cause the curl. It didn't. It gave my hair body and really worked! I would use this spray and will. I may be buying this regularly. I would rather it not make my hair dullish and matte. I would prefer shine but I don't think kit would be as effective if that was the case. It's also great if you haven't washed your hair, it gives style to otherwise flat and dry hair. It sells for $16.99 for the 150 ml.
The Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Cream is a product I have had numerous times with other beauty boxes, it's nice, it works and smells ok. 30 ml for $30.99. I seem to get my Mom's as well from her boxes. I must have about ten of these!
A product I have not tried yet is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Screen SPF 55. It contains Helioplex which is supposed to provide sustainable UVA/UVB protection. Full size 88ml sells for $15.99. I am going to give this stuff a whirl next weekend. I hope it is dry and not too greasy, that would be great, especially if you are at the beach as sand seems to love sticking to sunscreen.

Gillette Venus Embrace, 5 blades!!! Are you trying to scar me!! Maybe I am just a one blade kind of gal, I am not sure. This razor doesn't mess around. If you are coordinated and patient, this razor is for you. Sadly, I am neither so I find I nick myself and with this razor, I have 5 times better chance of cutting my shin and knees up! This bad boy retails for $13.43.

Cover Girl Flipstick, #855 in "Minx"....nice idea, two in one stick of colour. You have seen the commercial, blend, mix, create a nice shine and sparkle. Too bad this colour is not me. I repeat NOT for me. These shades are clearly for dark skinned ladies. I am quite fair. Was this the only colour offered to Glossy? I believe there was another shade sent out to other Glossy girls and too bad I didn't get a pink. From comments I have been reading on FB, not many women were impressed with this product. It was the shade and disappointment of not getting to try it. In a perfect world, Glossy would have looked at our profiles and selected the right shade and sent that to us. Whatever the case may be, I too was disappointed. Could this be used as an eye colour? A shiny, moist eye shadow? It didn't work for me, it just globbed in the crease of my eye. Well, at least I tried!! Funny how these colours look horrid on my lips but really nice on my eyes! 3.8 grams at $12.50. Let's be honest here, I will never be pleased with every product I get, the fun is in the element of surprise, getting to open the beautiful box and see the goodies. Considering the box cost me $15.00, I have done well!

Overall, a good box. Products this month I will call, necessities. This was my necessity box. Items you need but don't always like to buy for yourself.
So if you haven't made the leap yet and signed up for Glossy Box, go for it! It's always a great deal and you will always receive full size products and products that are new.
If you sign up, use the promo code GLOSSY14 at checkout. You will receive 10% discount on your first box. $15.00 a month, free delivery, taxes in!!!!



  1. Hey I just followed your blog! Nice post, I've always been curious about Glossy box! Looks like you got quite the deal this month :)

    Would appreciate it if you checked out mine

    1. Hey! Just got back from holiday and finally had the chance to see your blog. I am a follower now too....I just love this blog world and all the creative posts...u should be proud!