Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Glymm Review June 2012

My Glymm Beauty Box never dissapoints! I am so pleased with the each sample product and the full size lipstick/balm duo retails for $20.00. The cosmetic bag was blue this month and I felt so spolied using the natural creams and equisite perfume from Dali! Read on for details on all the products. All this for $12.00 a month. This is what I call quality, no large brand name companies here, high end and natural, unique beauty. I also really like that I can earn points towards purchases at the Glymm store and if I really like a product, it's just a matter of a click away and I can order it!! 

If you are in Canada, definitely sign up for Glymm!!!

Eco-Beauty® Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Full Size: 18 pads/$9.99
Remove your nail polish in the most eco-friendly way possible. It does no harm to you or the planet, and it smells so delicious. Remove polish and condition all 10 nails with just one pad. This acetone-free nail polish remover is packed with aloe, glycerin and vitamin E to moisturize and natural Rosemary Horsetail Extract to keep your nails strong. As the smell of natural Tuscan orange fills the air, you’ll be elated to know that this product is free of harmful chemicals and uses the least amount of water possible – also, no need to rinse.

The nail polishe rempver pads from LA Fresh did have a unique and nice scent. The pads felt very different from acetone type removers. I almost didn't think it would remove any polish at all! The pad felt very dry and kind of oily. I used it to take off very thick polish from my toes. I had a coating of sparkle on my toes as well. The product certainly did the job and I only needed one pad to do it. I think I am used to acetone though. Sadly, this product took a bit more work that I am used to. If you are a Green friendly gal, these are for you! 

It Is Dream by Salvadore Dali
Full Size: 60 ml/$54.00 This fragrance radiates romance, tenderness, optimism and joy. If you’re artistic and love to dream, then this is the fragrance for you. This scent has a fruity-floral-woody composition. Flowers symbolize a gentle feminity, fruits denote joy and a sparkling energy while the woody notes represent sensuality and deep emotions. The scent opens with fresh notes of grapefruit, black currant and apple. The heart features pink floral accords of rose, magnolia and hyacinth, while white cedar, amber and musk linger in the background.  SAMPLE USAGE: 35 Sprays

I am in love with the Dali scent. It's unique and fresh. I actually put it on before bed so I can smell myself to sleep! 

You can read all about it above! This stuff is incredible. I noticed a softening and smoothness after two days of trying this oil. You only need a few drops and I put this on my face at night after cleansing when my skin was damp, it helped to spread the product around. As you can see by the ingedients, there isn't any long winded names of strange things in this product. Basically essential oils. Very natural and I would say could easily compete with any high end cream out there. This sample lasted quite awhile too, I am sorry to see it go. My face was really soft and locking in moisture is critical to healthy and happy skin! So kudos to this product!!
This luxurious face cream gently exfoliates and leaves the skin intensely moisturized. Glycolic Acid and Algae Extracts soften the appearance of fine lines, while Jasmine Absolute helps soothe and nourish stressed-out skin. The Glycolic Acid will tingle gently as it exfoliates and boosts your skin’s natural collagen production. Apply evenly to entire face once or twice a day. Follow with sunscreen (spf 15 or higher). Never apply this product to red or peeling skin. Clark’s Botanicals donates a portion of sales to The Christopher Reeve Foundation.
SAMPLE USAGE: 10-14 uses

I love this cream. It is rich enough that I feel the real benefits of moisture on my skin but it doesn't leave a coating of oil. It is actually light! It has a smoothing effect and I use products with Glycolic acid all the time so this was a great find. I will be looking into purchasing this particular cream. Full size (50 ml sells for $115.00)

Duo Lipstick:  Harmony Full Size: 3.4g/$20.00  Everything your lips need for a night: some balm and some colour in one lustrous package.  Not only will your lips feel their finest with this soothing formula, but they will look just as good with long-lasting colour. This eye-catching and plush applicator makes for a conversation piece, while its purpose is super convenient. You can bring any combination of colours with you to achieve the ultimate lip experience.

I like the idea of having a colour and a balm in one easy package. It's not much bigger than a normal lipstick so it fits nicely in my make up bag! I was lucky to get the shade "soft pink". I haven't had a chance to wear it out but is very moist and goes on well! I am not sure if you should use the balm separately or on top or under the colour? 

Overall I am pleased with Glymm this month as always. I enjoy the make up bags but still miss the boxes!  Looking forward to July's beauty box and wonder what colour the next make up bag will be!


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