Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not so Lucky in Love but this Makes Up for anyway!

When I am down in the dumps the only thing that cheers me up is shopping. Shoes, bath bubbles, jewellery, lipstick.....I can count on my Beauty Box memberships to brighten my day four times a month. One would think that would be ample for washing away the blues. Well yesterday I needed an extra pick me up! This is what I got! The guilt from spending the money is superceded by the goodness I feel knowing I am supporting a great cause and organization; PETA. These shadows are cruelty free, vegan and support kind living. I wish everything was just that! Maybe I wouldn't feel so awful.

I was browsing my usual "haunt" at lunch time, there was one of these left in the cosmetic department. I didn't even open it up to see what the colors were! I was pleasantly surprised with the shades!

Thanks Smashbox! (just looked at their site and uh oh... 75% off sale and free shipping!!!)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Luxebox by Loose Button First Seasonal Box for Autumn

I was dying to see how Loose Button would handle the change from monthly boxes to their new seasonal box. Initially I was a little disappointed, I think I was still stuck on month to month idea. After having my box for a few days I realized that overall, the box was good. The products new, and the visual appeal even better! I find with so many beauty memberships, eventually you get the same products as the same companies work with all the beauty box companies. I was impressed that this box offered some new products and companies that I have yet to try. Kudos in that department Loose Button!

I haven't been able to give this post the detail it deserves. I have been sitting on it waiting for an opportunity to add the details I would like to see with a beauty box post such as this. Well, that wasn't going to happen any time soon! I thought it best to at least post it before the next box arrives!!

So read on, or should I say look on!

So this is the lovely and sturdy box, a nice change from the original boxes!

The First batch of goodies in the box! Ok, Ok, I gave the exfoliation mit to my hubby!! Not so excited about that item!!

My fav's from the box!! I will forever love anything I get from Benefit Cosmetics, even though I just bought this same item last month!! Figures, but now I have a purse size to carry with me. 

The Eyeko Skinny eyeliner is absolutely fabulous. This is the brush applicator. The brush is excellent quality and the hairs so delicate and fine, application is detailed and perfect!! Love this!
 Well, I have yet to try the lip liner, No Bleeding Lips, the Vichy ProEvent cream and the China Glaze polish. I don't have an issue with the lip liner I use and my lips don't bleed my colour, I will probably give this away. The cream I will use in late Fall when I need some extra help with brightening my face. I will be using the gold China Glaze polish this weekend. I am waiting for a special occasion!!! I did try it on one finger and its divine. Two coats was ample!!!

So check out Loose Button, they have re-vamped their website and I am getting e-mails on a regular basis offering discounts and special offers from various companies working with them as well. I will wait until the Winter Box before making a hard core decision on the "new and improved" Loose Button!


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Skinny on Chemical Peels - Another Beauty Secret is Out!

If you are anything like me, the term "Chemical Peel" has a scary sound to it. I considered anything with the word chemical in it to be a bad thing. Certainly not something I was ever willing to pay for and apply to my face! Boy was I wrong. All these years I have never wanted to explore this strange world of chemical peels and thought they were for acne scars and really bad complexions. There are so many types of new treatments out there, spas are offering green peels, photofacial's, detox treatments, microdermabrasian...the list goes on and on. Maybe the term chemical peel should be phrased "Skin Beautifying and Brightening Facial" I certainly would have tried it many years ago! Why do all these beautiful and famous women have such fresh and glowing skin? Well I can assure you they are using quality skin care products, having facials and chemical peels. The latest to arrive on the beauty scene are laser treatments and dermal-infusion. Let's talk about chemical peels for now! Tried and true, peels have been around for over a hundred years. In 1882 Dr. Unna, a German Doctor realized the benefits of phenol or carbolic acid, derived from coal tar. Chemical peeling of the face was born! Dermaplaning was also an option, yes, scraping of the skin with a sharp blade!! Why even the Eqyptians knew something about peels even though they hadn't a clue why. Cleopatra would bathe in sour goats milk as this made her skin soft to the touch. What she didn't realize was that the sour milk had turned to lactic acid. We have come a long, long way!!

Here is the skinny on chemical peels:

Firstly, you can be any age to enjoy the benefits of a chemical peel, over time the peel can actually help stimulate collagen and skin will look fresher and brighter. Collagen production is key to fresh and young looking skin. The chemicals used aren't so scary! They are derived from natrural sources such as fruits and sugar cane for example.

A chemical peel is basically exfoliation. As we know, our skin rejuvenates itself and as new skin cells produce, the old, dead cells come to the surface making room for new ones. This is called keratinization. Every 28 days or so our skin is rejuvenated. As we age everything slows down including this process. Even by the age of 25 things slow down. Our skin needs a little help to exfoliate the dead skin cells, bringing fresh new skin to the surface. We can use daily scrubs or face masks and these products do work, however they are very "safe" and gentle enough for anyone to use. With that being said, they don't provide a major exfoliation and you won't notice a huge difference.

A lactic acid peel is very gentle, this form of acid is attracted to water molecules and will help to soften and hydrate skin, great for dry skin. A glycolic acid peel will get a little deeper and exfoliate well into the stratum corneum. It has the ability to inhibit the production of oil and create the appearance of smaller pores. TCA peels are the hard core peels. This type of peel is suggested for oily skin that is prone to acne. You will have deep exfoliation and smooth out rough textured skin.

Chemical peels will reduce fine lines and blotchiness, scarring for example can also be reduced. Peels encourage collagen production and reduce break outs as well as leaving a radiant look to your face. Skin is left so fresh, you will feel like a million dollars! 

There are many websites out there where you can purchase these acids and do your own peels, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!! You really don't know the quality you are getting and strength. The bottle may say 30% acid but it really depends on the PH level. Here in Canada, only a doctor can purchase the proper medical grade products and Aesthetic professionals under a doctor's supervision can apply these peels. If any average person can purchase the product, chances are it's so weak anyway that you are just wasting your time and money. Let the experts work out a plan for you combining treatments over the course of six months and I am convinced that you will include chemical peels in your beauty routine.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beauty on a Budget - The Glamorous Girl's Guide to Luxe Make Up on the Cheap

I may feel glamorous, I may be super stylish but it doesn't mean I have all the money in the world to spend on expensive, high end beauty products. I am talking about the beauty products that just knowing it's expensive, makes it somehow know what I mean. Smashbox or Stila and Lancome. Benefit is also up there, lovely but very pricey. The essentials, the stuff that never has a price on it. There are many products that are excellent quality and relatively priced too. I think of E.L.F. or Cargo, even Pixie off hand.  All of these items sure do dent the pocketbook. What if you try on that pressed powder at the store or the foundation that looks great in the lights of the beauty counter, yet at home becomes far too dark, or in my case too light. I spent $55.00 on a foundation that was too light. I looked like a corpse!  Well my beauty cohorts, there is a cheaper way to enjoy these luxe products on a budget and here is how.....

Yes, the truth is out! Behold,  Beauty Box Memberships! I cannot express to you how many wonderful, full size cosmetics from nail polish to blusher to primer to eye lashes that I have received and thoroughly enjoyed knowing how great they are and how little I paid for them! Try $10 a month with free delivery! Yep, I know crazy right! I can't even walk out of a drug store with one nail polish or lipstick for that price and each month I am guaranteed to get a few full size luxe products in my beauty boxes. Being the GlamGal that I am, I have three of these memberships, one would be just incredibly naive and foolish! I spend $37.00 a month on these subscriptions and between all three, I receive minimum 14 products. Out of those, I usually end up with 5 at a minimum of full size products and usually more. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or Einstein to figure out that this is a great deal. You can always be assured that a great coupon or promo will be enclosed as well. I have yet to be disappointed with my boxes. There are so many products that I never would have tried if not for these subscriptions, mainly because of the cost. I am not very good at determining at times what colours work best and I am so angry at myself when I purchase a lipstick or other cosmetic product that doesn't suit me when I get home. Problem is you can't always return these purchases for a different shade. The day I bought a Benefit lipstick comes to mind. I must have spent an hour at the drugstore crouched down testing the shades over and over on my hand. Convinced I found the right shade, I spent over $20.00 on the lipstick only to go home, excited to wear it and it was just so dark, it made me look much older than I already am and it was such a bad shade of pink for me. I never wore it. Goodness! that money could have paid for two Glymm boxes and at least 8 different products! Yes, I have received a box or two that didn't jump out and say, "I am fabulous" but the next month always makes up for it.

Here is the low down on the boxes and remember, you can cancel your membership anytime without penalty, you receive a credit card invoice each month and notification from Canada Post when your box has been shipped so you can track it:

Glossy Box:  This box is $15.00 per month. 5-6 products per box. Collect Glossy Dots by filling out short survey's and earn free boxes. Glossy is taking over, Started in Europe and made its way to Canada, in June they introduced the first Glossy Box USA. Glossy Box doesn't mess around, they are out to be the number one beauty box on the market. You will find products that aren't considered high end though but Glossy Box doesn't proclaim to provide high end. I have heard many a complaint about this. However you always get full size products so it works itself out in the wash so to speak. If you don't mind getting drug store brands like Aveeno, Curel, Wella,  but they will be full sized. There are unique products in their too, the fun is not knowing what goodies you will get! Glossy Box seems to be the most popular, this is due to the weight of the box, full size shampoo or body wash for example. If you want to join the beauty obsessed community and a discount on your first box, simply use coupon code/promo GLOSSY14 at check out and get 10% off your first Glossy Box.

Glymm:  Ahh Glymm, a little french inspired beauty box that just went Green. Now instead of a box you get a make up bag full of goodies. 4-5 to be exact. I love Glymm because I always get something unique and inspiring. I have yet to see a cheap name brand in here although the usual complainers complain that they get too many samples and not full size products. I don't know where Glymm or any other beauty box company for that matter has claimed to provide full size products. Some people would rather get full size common products over unique and luxe. Again, I love the quality products and don't mind getting one box where there are not any full size products, if I am getting a 10 mL sample of something worth $75.00, how can I complain over $12 a month? Glymm just raised their price to $12 from $10, still a great deal. You also fill out survey's and earn points towards purchases in their online shop, and adding more and more new products each month. As soon as they feature products in their box/bag, they come to the shop. Glymm Man has also recently been introduced, great for the special man in your life!

Loose Button 'Luxebox': This was the first beauty box I ever signed up for.  I got sucked in big time through an e-mail advert and the rest is history...sweet make up addiction history. I had never heard of these boxes before and POOF, I was hooked. I signed up immediately! Loose Button recently changed up their format, they used to be a monthly membership with 5-6 products on average, as of June 8th, Loose Button is now a seasonal beauty box. The new box starts with August and the Autumn themed box will have 7-8 products. The price is $26 per box. Boxes will now come seasonally, every 3 months. I am a little disappointed as I love the thrill of receiving the beauty box each and every month. Sometimes you get an added promotion like a razor or perfume, again the complainers don't like this, not high don't claim high end products when they give you a razor they say....well the razor retailed for over $12 dollars alone and I am cool with that. We got a full box that month too! Loose Button also requests survey's be filled out. If you do, you are entered in a draw for gift card for Holt Renfrew or Sephora. Loose Button also has the 'First In Line Program' where you can choose one out of 3 or 4 products to have in your box. So you get to select one! Some like this, some don't. The element of surprise is taken away the complainers say...I say there are still plenty of other surprises in their, loosen up! Also, Loose Button doesn't give the same items across the board like Glymm and Glossy. If your friend got certain samples in their box, you may get something else which makes for a little more intrigue and the spoiler alerts can be watched without worry as you never know what your box will hold! It's a bit tricky at the moment to state how the new Loose Button will be, if there will still be the same concepts used. They are promoting more events and opportunities to engage with the beauty world. Loose Button isn't going anywhere and I will always be a devoted customer to my first beauty box!

Top Box: Still waiting Top Box!!  I am on your waiting list and hoping by September!!! From what I gather, there are far less complainers out there for Top Box. This company has also been out for well over a year and a half and are always on time with delivery. They respond to customer/on line media contact and have lots of contests. This box is 4 products for $10 a month. I wish I could tell you more but again I am STILL waiting!!!! No drug store crap here, lots of top notch stuff from a top notch box!

I have to say that customers are becoming more and more demanding. You get a full size product one month, and they want two the following month. This attitude will soon be changing the concept and brilliance of these companies. I don't want full size, run of the mill beauty products, I want to try new and upcoming or a small company that is totally organic or hand made. So stop complaining and forcing these companies to accept products from large, established companies just to shut you guys up! Sorry, I just had to get that out!!

As a sidebar, these are the main beauty box companies in Canada, these can be trusted and you have GlamGal's seal of approval on all of them! So whatcha waitin' for? A deal is to be found in any of these boxes and for my budget conscience wallet, a well deserved break!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glossy Box Canada - August 2012 GlamGal Review

Okay, I know you have seen all the great blogs and posts about the Glossy Box already...I have no excuse other than a full schedule and eyes that won't stay open passed 10:30 pm on any given night!  I say better than late than never so here is my glorious Glossy Box for August!!

I have to say that this is the first month that I am really pleased with my box as a whole in a long time. Sure I like the full size samples I get and I always use everything. I adored the Zoya nail polish last month and the Wella Beach Spritz was a fabulous summer must have. This month, I am happy to say that I adore all the goodies!! Nice work Glossy!! For details on the products, please see the last picture!

Remember ladies, if you haven't signed up for Glossy Box Canada yet, go to  for $15.00 per month (taxes and delivery included) you get a great box of 5-6  sometimes 7 beauty product samples! Expect many full size products too. Use promo code GLOSSY14 to receive 10% off the box!! 

Here is the gift wrapped Glossy excited!!!!

Too many goodies to even tell what is in this box!

This was my favorite part of the box, well I luv the polish and lipstick too! What is so nice about the Be fine producys was that it was really substanstial. I get to try a clay mask, moisturizer, cleanser...the whole nine yards.

Yes, I know the lipstick is upside down!! and blurry! It says Glossy Pink, a nice neutral pink shade.

Sure a lot of packaging for one little bandage, a blister bandage to be exact!

This thumb is showing one coat of the polish, perfect for Fall. The product card doesn't show this nifty polish, it must be the wrong card for my box!
I have yet to be able to check the mystery card amount. The site isn't accepting the information. Hmmm.....

So far I have used the polish which dries quick and is full of pigment, two coats does it for me. I have tried the Be fine clay mask and it is very moisturizing, if you have oily skin I would steer clear of this one. Even though clay helps to suck out oil and other debris, I found this left a coating on my face. I use the Sebastian Potion 9 Lite each day now. I spritz a lot on my short locks, it doesn't leave any residue. It's very lite, just like they claim! The lipstick is a winner as well. Nice colour, has staying power and is now one of four colors I keep in my make-up bag.

Glossy Rocks this month!!! Thank You