Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glossy Box Canada - August 2012 GlamGal Review

Okay, I know you have seen all the great blogs and posts about the Glossy Box already...I have no excuse other than a full schedule and eyes that won't stay open passed 10:30 pm on any given night!  I say better than late than never so here is my glorious Glossy Box for August!!

I have to say that this is the first month that I am really pleased with my box as a whole in a long time. Sure I like the full size samples I get and I always use everything. I adored the Zoya nail polish last month and the Wella Beach Spritz was a fabulous summer must have. This month, I am happy to say that I adore all the goodies!! Nice work Glossy!! For details on the products, please see the last picture!

Remember ladies, if you haven't signed up for Glossy Box Canada yet, go to Glossybox.ca  for $15.00 per month (taxes and delivery included) you get a great box of 5-6  sometimes 7 beauty product samples! Expect many full size products too. Use promo code GLOSSY14 to receive 10% off the box!! 

Here is the gift wrapped Glossy Box...so excited!!!!

Too many goodies to even tell what is in this box!

This was my favorite part of the box, well I luv the polish and lipstick too! What is so nice about the Be fine producys was that it was really substanstial. I get to try a clay mask, moisturizer, cleanser...the whole nine yards.

Yes, I know the lipstick is upside down!! and blurry! It says Glossy Pink, a nice neutral pink shade.

Sure a lot of packaging for one little bandage, a blister bandage to be exact!

This thumb is showing one coat of the polish, perfect for Fall. The product card doesn't show this nifty polish, it must be the wrong card for my box!
I have yet to be able to check the mystery card amount. The site isn't accepting the information. Hmmm.....

So far I have used the polish which dries quick and is full of pigment, two coats does it for me. I have tried the Be fine clay mask and it is very moisturizing, if you have oily skin I would steer clear of this one. Even though clay helps to suck out oil and other debris, I found this left a coating on my face. I use the Sebastian Potion 9 Lite each day now. I spritz a lot on my short locks, it doesn't leave any residue. It's very lite, just like they claim! The lipstick is a winner as well. Nice colour, has staying power and is now one of four colors I keep in my make-up bag.

Glossy Rocks this month!!! Thank You


  1. Love the polish! This month looked exceptionally good for Glossy.

    1. I have to say this was the best box so far, let's hope that they keep this up so we don't have to look at the U.S. boxes and get jealous!!

  2. Funny..your card said you got two lipsticks and you actually got a polish instead. My box did have the two lipsticks. And you know what, I'm notoriously late with my posts and I think I bore people lol