Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Luxebox by Loose Button First Seasonal Box for Autumn

I was dying to see how Loose Button would handle the change from monthly boxes to their new seasonal box. Initially I was a little disappointed, I think I was still stuck on month to month idea. After having my box for a few days I realized that overall, the box was good. The products new, and the visual appeal even better! I find with so many beauty memberships, eventually you get the same products as the same companies work with all the beauty box companies. I was impressed that this box offered some new products and companies that I have yet to try. Kudos in that department Loose Button!

I haven't been able to give this post the detail it deserves. I have been sitting on it waiting for an opportunity to add the details I would like to see with a beauty box post such as this. Well, that wasn't going to happen any time soon! I thought it best to at least post it before the next box arrives!!

So read on, or should I say look on!

So this is the lovely and sturdy box, a nice change from the original boxes!

The First batch of goodies in the box! Ok, Ok, I gave the exfoliation mit to my hubby!! Not so excited about that item!!

My fav's from the box!! I will forever love anything I get from Benefit Cosmetics, even though I just bought this same item last month!! Figures, but now I have a purse size to carry with me. 

The Eyeko Skinny eyeliner is absolutely fabulous. This is the brush applicator. The brush is excellent quality and the hairs so delicate and fine, application is detailed and perfect!! Love this!
 Well, I have yet to try the lip liner, No Bleeding Lips, the Vichy ProEvent cream and the China Glaze polish. I don't have an issue with the lip liner I use and my lips don't bleed my colour, I will probably give this away. The cream I will use in late Fall when I need some extra help with brightening my face. I will be using the gold China Glaze polish this weekend. I am waiting for a special occasion!!! I did try it on one finger and its divine. Two coats was ample!!!

So check out Loose Button, they have re-vamped their website and I am getting e-mails on a regular basis offering discounts and special offers from various companies working with them as well. I will wait until the Winter Box before making a hard core decision on the "new and improved" Loose Button!



  1. I have three of those eyeko liners, and I love them so much!

  2. I think it's official. I got the worst box, the leftovers. UGH

  3. Awesome Luxe box! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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