Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not so Lucky in Love but this Makes Up for anyway!

When I am down in the dumps the only thing that cheers me up is shopping. Shoes, bath bubbles, jewellery, lipstick.....I can count on my Beauty Box memberships to brighten my day four times a month. One would think that would be ample for washing away the blues. Well yesterday I needed an extra pick me up! This is what I got! The guilt from spending the money is superceded by the goodness I feel knowing I am supporting a great cause and organization; PETA. These shadows are cruelty free, vegan and support kind living. I wish everything was just that! Maybe I wouldn't feel so awful.

I was browsing my usual "haunt" at lunch time, there was one of these left in the cosmetic department. I didn't even open it up to see what the colors were! I was pleasantly surprised with the shades!

Thanks Smashbox! (just looked at their site and uh oh... 75% off sale and free shipping!!!)



  1. That green shade is gorgeous! I love when the procedes of my purchases go to good causes it takes away all the guilt from buying it lol
    Im going to have to go and check out the sale!

    My Beauty Full Adventure

  2. What amazing shades for eye-shadows!! A great find. Other costmetic companies should take a leaf out of Smashbox's playbook!

  3. this looks like a lovely palette!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  4. love this, great blog and posts!